• Universal Design

    One fixture, all rooms
  • Enhanced Aesthetics

    Less institutional Stigma
  • Quick Installation

    Cut installation time

What's a Ligature Point?

Any feature in an environment which could be used to support a noose or other strangulation device (especially, for the purpose of attempting to commit suicide). Learn how to identify ligature points in this quick video.

Why Choose BestCare® Products?

We understand our industry's needs.

Whitehall's® BestCare products are designed to meet the unique application challenges faced by behavioral healthcare facilities seeking to maintain the balance between patient safety, security, and creating a non-institutional environment. All BestCare products are designed to ensure patient safety with aesthetics in mind.

Save a life, be proactive.
Secure your facility's ligature points today!

75% of suicides occur in the patient's bathroom, bedroom, or closet.

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Looking for Ligature Resistant products for Justice and Correctional application?   Visit our Acorn Ligature Resistant site

Key Benefits

Aesthetics Without Compromise

Less Institutional Stigma

We believe that behavioral healthcare facilities should showcase luxury aesthetics to keep patients comfortable in any environment, while also upholding maximum patient safety.

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Universal Design

One room meets all requirements

BestCare products can be used in any patient room to meet all patient needs. Our products are ligature-resistant, ADA compliant, bariatric-friendly and meet aesthetic and security standards.

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Lower Cost & Quick Installation

Easy Retrofits in days, not weeks

Looking to retrofit in the near future but unable to knock down any walls? No problem. BestCare products are designed so that you can retrofit any existing healthcare facility without the mess!

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BestCare Ligature-Resistant Vinyl Floor Drains
How to Use a Dual Temperature Touchless Sensor Activated Faucet
BestCare® Ligature Resistant Faucet for Behavioral Health Facilities

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Installation Time

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