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Master-Trol water management

Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Controls

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Acorn Controls™

Acorn Engineering Company® has been manufacturing valves for plumbing fixtures in our North American manufacturing facilities for over 40 years. This core product line includes valves ideal for a variety of different applications in commercial and institutional markets. Since 2013, Acorn® has manufactured a new generation of valves as a part of our Acorn Controls division. Acorn Controls valves offer options for use with single fixtures, multiple fixtures or whole building water systems. Acorn is proud to continue providing valves while updating the product line with state-of-the-art technology that keeps people safe.

Featured Subcategories
Temperature-Pressure Valve for Individual Shower (ASSE 1016)Thermostatic Hi-Lo Master Mixing Valve (ASSE 1017)Mixing Valve for Group Showering or Lavatory (ASSE 1069)
Thermostatic Lavatory Tempering Valve (ASSE 1070) Emergency Tempering Mixing Valve (ASSE 1071) Thermostatic Zone Valve (TempFlow®)
Mixing Valve Supply Fixture (featuring ST7069, MV17, ET71) Tempering & Recirculating Valve System (Command Station™) Emergency Water Tempering System (STS)
Temperature Monitoring Alarm (ATM) Digital Mixing Valve and Monitoring System (BASyC™)Supply Fixture & Command Station™ Upgradeable with BASyC™

Need help figuring out which MV17 Series Hi-Lo Master Mixing Valve you need? Sizing Guide

Acorn Controls® BASyC™   Alpha Valve - STP7069   Omega™ Valve - ST7017    TwistConnect™ Valve Connection Device

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