athletic training supplies


Treatments used in sports medicine often involve heat therapy and cold therapy. Hydrotherapy whirlpools can be used for heat therapy or cold therapy baths. All of Whitehall’s heat and cold therapy products are constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel, maintaining an attractive appearance and reliable performance for many years under heavy use..

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chiropractic equipment


Chiropractic treatment is considered a safe, effective treatment for low acute back pain. Acute back pain is more common than chronic back pain and usually requires minimal treatment options, such as cold therapy, heat therapy and massage. Whitehall rehabilitation products are highly suited for the chiropractic market.

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physical therapy equipment


Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty that includes the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of individuals with limitations in functional mobility. Whitehall rehabilitation products are designed to effectively aid physical therapists in helping patients regain maximal functional mobility and independence.

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occupational therapy equipment


The Board of Occupational Therapy indicates that the number of people receiving occupational therapy is on the order of millions. For both children and adults, occupational therapy can be an essential tool in making daily activities or occupations more accessible after an accident, illness, injury or disability.

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podiatry supplies


Podiatry is an important branch of the allied health professions that deals with the treatment of foot and ankle problems. Rehabilitation Industries can rest assured that Whitehall podiatry whirlpools efficiently aid in the treatment of painful injuries resulting from both sports and everyday wear and tear of feet and ankles.

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spa supplies


A report by the Coyle Hospitality Group found that 88% of consumers’ primary reason for a spa visit is “relaxation/stress management.” An additional 22% of respondents also indicated that pain management was a goal during their spa visit. Whitehall Manufacturing offers products for the spa environment that can assist professionals in offering stress and pain management benefits.

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