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Electronic Water Management Systems for Institutional Facilities

Why Choose Acorn for Electronic Water Management Systems?

Acorn Engineering Company has been in business since 1954, manufacturing innovative plumbing products that solve problems in institutional environments. For nearly 25 years we have offered Master-Trol® Electronic Water Management Systems for institutional facilities looking to control their plumbing systems and reduce water usage.

Acorn Engineering Water Management Systems

What we offer:

  • A strong history of manufacturing plumbing products that last.
  • Experienced staff to help you meet the needs of your facility.
  • Two system options for basic (Master-Trol®) or enhanced (Master-Trol® Plus) control.
  • Support at every step of system implementation, including planning, designing, construction and operation.

What Services Come With Master- Trol® Water Management Systems?

    planning water management for correctional facility

    Quotations based on the facility’s needs

    designing water management system for facility

    Design review and coordination

    installation support and training for water management system

    Installation support and training

    Operation and support for water management system

    System start-up and ongoing support

What Can Master-Trol and Master-Trol Plus Do?

Master-Trol and Master-Trol Plus Electronic Water Management Systems offer you complete control over your plumbing system, allowing you to:

  • Stop inmates from flooding cells by limiting flushes
  • Stop long run times on showers and sinks
  • Stop inmates from flushing contraband
  • Stop water waste and lower operating costs

We offer Master-Trol and Master-Trol Plus Systems for new construction and retrofit applications. To learn more, choose an option below.

Retrofit New Construction

how master-trol water management system works