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Whitehall Manufacturing products fall into two categories, Healthcare and Rehabilitation. Healthcare products include BestCare ligature-resistant fixtures and restroom accessories, patient care units, scrub sinks, and dialysis boxes. Rehabilitation products include hydrotherapy whirlpools, moistand dry heat therapy products, cold therapy products, paraffin therapy products, and splint pans.

Whitehall Manufacturing has been making quality products for hospitals for over thirty years. In 1976 we introduced the first patient care units, combining lavatories and toilets in a cabinet that could be placed at the patient’s bedside. In 1987, Whitehall expanded its line of healthcare products with single and multi-station scrub sinks. Today we continue to expand our product offerings to meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities.

Whitehall Manufacturing combines products that are designed to meet the needs of hospitals with plumbing know-how. In addition, we customize our products so that the style and function meet the needs of the application, the users and the facility. This combination of product design, plumbing know-how, and customization make our company uniquely qualified to provide superior products and service to the healthcare market.

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Product CategoryPatient Care Units (Care-Ware)

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Product CategoryDialysis & Laser Boxes

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Product CategoryUrinals

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Product CategoryBasins

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Product CategoryAccessories

Accessories include bathroom products such as mirrors, shelves, soap dish, toilet paper holders,...

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