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Murdock Drinking Fountains

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-EVS Controller (rfa)Master-Trol® Controller
-EVS1 Valve (rfa)Single Temperature Application Master-Trol®
-EVS2 Valve (rfa)Hot & Cold Application Master-Trol®
1415 Series Comby RFA FilesRFA Files for 1415-AL-1, 1415-AL-2, 1415-AR-1, 1415-AR-2, 1415-CT-1, 1415-CT-2
1418-AL-1 Comby (rfa)Angle Left Toilet - Off-Floor
1418-AL-2 Comby (rfa)Angled Left Toilet, On-Floor/Wall Waste
1418-AL-2-SPS-VAC Comby (rfa)On-Floor, Wall Waste, Suicide Prevention Skirt on Angle Left Toilet, Configured for Vacuum Plumbing
1418-AR-1 Comby (rfa)Angle Right Toilet - Off-Floor
1418-AR-2 Comby (rfa)Angled Right Toilet, On-Floor/Wall Waste
1418-AR-2-SPS-VAC Comby (rfa)On-Floor, Wall Waste, Suicide Prevention Skirt on Angle Right Toilet, Configured for Vacuum Plumbing