Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Neo-Metro products fit for both residential and commercial applications?

No, all of the residential products (which are marked on each product page) can be used in some commercial applications. Many of the commercial products cannot be used in residential applications. Please check each specific product specification sheet.

Can you add the Geo-Metrix and Honey-Comb patterns to your other stainless steel products?


Do you have slippage rating for the tiles to be used in wet applications?

No, however, the Geo-Metrix and Honeycomb patterns do create some texture. If you are worried, please do not use in a wet application on the floor. We only recommend wall applications.

Can I send you blue-prints/drawing and you can figure out how many tiles we need?

No, we do not take the responsibility for measurements.

What is the best design to use when installing Neo Tiles?

Neo-Metro recommends installing the tile in a "Herring Bone or Staggered pattern" since the tiles do have a grain.

Can these sinks either be undermounted or dropped in?

Both. They are all provided with a bevel on the rim. Please refer to our installation instuctions for more information.

Do you provide undermounting clips with inset basins?

No, you can caulk in the basin.

Do you have something in the drain that will block my diamond wedding ring from disapearring?

Yes, we have a cross break. In the case that you ring or other object does fall down the drain, it will most likely be laying in the p-trap. To retrieve the item simply disaemble the p-trap. This really isn't an issue with these sinks, however, it is a common quesion.

Can I order the ebb basin in a custom size?

Yes, please contact Neo-Metro. We will need to know the length and depth. We will also need to know how many faucets and the GPM flow rates of the faucets to make sure that the drainage is correct.

Does the Metropolis basin come with a drain?

No, it generally is supplied with the faucet.

Is the Metropolis basin mounted to the floor?

Yes, to the floor and to a wall. The water supply comes from a bracket in the back.

Why does the Metropolis D-basin have a 6" faucet spread instead of 8"?

There simply is not enough room for a 8" on the rim.

Can I cut the tile on the jobsite?

No. We highly recommend that you provide the exact measurements on the tile when ordering.

Can I use a pop-up style drain with the ebb basin?

No. If you want to stop the water all you need to do is purchase a $1 item at any hardware store that is flat and still reamains concealed.

Are your commerical style toilets Siphon or Blow-Out?

Neo-Metro offers Siphon style commercial toilets. Blow-out style toilets can be avaliable upon special request.

What if I have a different rough-in from what is shown on your dimensional drawings?

We suggest you call our customer service number at (800) 591-9050. We do have several custom type rough-in's available.

Can I buy an open front, no lid toilet seat from Neo-Metro in order to meet my code requirements?

Absolutely, however keep in mind that toilet seats are sold separately.

Can I put the commercial flush valve behind the wall?

Yes, this is why a wall supply flush valve is used. However, you must account for a way to gain access into the wall in case of valve failure. This can be achieved by using an access door (see accessories) or you can also have access through a plumbing chase or an adjacent closet.

Can I use a commercial style toilet in my house?

Only if you have a 1" water supply line. This is not common in residential houses. Some multi-unit housing will be able to use this.

Why should I use a stainless steel toilet in a commercial/hospitality restroom?

It is a recycable material and it does not harber any bacteria. Not to mention, the product is vandal resistant...and lastly an interesting show piece.

Why are your stainless steel commercial toilets more expensive than china toilets?

They are more expensive just in regards to material. It is a known fact that stainless steel is more expensive than china. However, it is much more durable. We suggest you to take the "stainless challenge" and buy one china toilet and one stainless Neo-Metro toilet for a bar or nighclub and see what holds up the best to those conditions. We promise you will be wanting to pay more for the Neo-Metro toilet due to the fact it is so durable.

Can the color vary on the leather finish?

Yes, it is leather that orginally came from a cow. Variations in the product make this unique and are expected.

Are toilet seats included with a toilet purchase?

Unfortunately they are not. Toilet seats are sold seperately.

Will the toilet sweat condensation if it is installed in cold climate?

No, we do provide a plastic inner lining in all 2-piece toilets to avoid this situation.

What are the plumbing requirements for a tank style toilet?

A 12" rough in for the waste. This is typical in every residential plumbing application in the United States.

Isn't the stainless steel toilet seat cold?

No, it is constructed of chrome plated ABS plastic.