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cleatPRO soccer cleat steamer & athletic football boot steamer & glove shaping

Whitehall is the proud manufacturer of cleatPRO® steaming units. Moist heat units are provided with specialized racks for the alternate use of conditioning leather athletic cleats, boots or baseball gloves.

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cleatpro cleat, boot and glove steaming unit

athletic cleat steaming and shaping device

Cleat Shaping

Steams cleats for a comfortable personal fit
hanging stems in cleatPRO cleat steamer and glove shaper

Hanging Stems

12 stainless steel stems with protective red ball tips

Maximum Capacity

Heat 12 cleats (6 pair) up to size 15" men's shoe

cleatpro light mobile cleat steamer

cleatPRO travel athletic cleat steamer


Mobile to meet athletes needs on the road
mobile cleat steamer cleatPRO steming rack

Steaming Rack

Keeps cleats/gloves from making contact with water
light maximum capacity cleatPRO cleat steamer

Maximum Capacity

Heat 8 cleats (4 pair) up to size 17" men's shoe

Seattle Mariners logo and cleatPRO® Glove review

"cleatPRO® Glove has been a great addition to our Clubhouse. The players loved it during spring training and continue to use it every day throughout the season.”

Ryan Stiles
Clubhouse Manager
Seattle Mariners

cleatpro athletic glove shaping unit

cleatPRO Glove Athletic Leather Glove Shaping Device

Glove Shaping

Break in baseball/hockey gloves in a matter of hours
how to break in baseball gloves & hockey gloves

Maximum Capacity

Shape 4 and heat 4 a total of 8 gloves at once
break in & shape baseball gloves with cleatPRO Glove

Hanging Stems

12 shortened stainless steel stems with protective red ball tips