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Ligature Resistant Fixtures for Correctional Facility Safety

Acorn Ligature-Resistant Fixtures: The Simple & Best Choice

As an innovative leader in ligature resistance, Acorn Engineering Company manufactures durable fixtures and products designed to help protect inmates from inflicting self-harm, ultimately minimizing liability in correctional facilities. Acorn ligature-resistant fixtures are vandal-resistant and properly integrate style and functionality to minimize ligature points. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel, the Acorn ligature-resistant line includes toilets, sinks, combination units, showers, tri-lever handle mixing valves, hemispherical deck mount bubblers and more. These products are designed for both new construction and renovation applications, are easy to install and remain entirely cost-effective.

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Ligature Resistant Comby Toilet & Lavatory

Ligature Resistant Comby Toilet & Lavatory for Correctional Facilities

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“Inmates need to be protected while in custody. An inmate has a right to a safe environment while in jail.”

U.S. Department of Justice National Institute of Corrections


  • Establish a safe and secure environment
  • Minimize your risk
  • Integrate style and functionality to minimize ligature points
  • Offer streamlined specifications
  • Feature a broad product line that is easy to order
  • Retrofit an existing facility with ease
  • Adapt with common replacement parts

    Retrofit Ligature Resistant Toilet Skirt
    Easy Updates/Lower Cost

    While most retrofit projects require invasive and costly renovation, Acorn LR products are designed to be easier to install and more cost effective.

    View our Acorn LR products.

    Ligature Resistant Products Protect Inmates
    Offers Safety

    Designed and manufactured with fewer ligature points, Acorn LR products promote optimal inmate safety in institutional and correctional facilities.

    View our Acorn LR products.

    Ligature Resistant Products Minimize Liability & Protect Institutions
    Protects Institutions

    Fewer ligature points in correctional facilities minimize opportunities for inmate self-harm, ultimately minimizing liability and legal intervention.

    View our Acorn LR products.



 Inmate "Suicide Costs Los Angeles County $450,000 per year
“Mentally Ill Oregon.... [Inmate's] Wrongful Death Suit Settles for $4.7 Million”

Prison Legal News

“Most jails reported major problems with the seriously mentally ill inmates, including the necessity of watching them more closely for suicide…”

A Research Report From Public Citizen’s Health Research Group and The Treatment Advocacy Center

“A State Survey authored by both experts in mental illness and law enforcement… the report described U.S. prisons and jails as the “new asylums,” housing ten times more mentally ill people than psychiatric hospitals.”

Prison Legal News

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